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        Brittany-Class of ’18 | Fond du Lac Senior Photographer

        It is no secret that we mostly focus on family, newborn, and children photography, but we keep a handful of session slots open for Seniors! Being able to work with seniors from the local area is such a fun change of pace for us. We get to go a bit more glam, slow way down, and avoid making farting noises to get them to smile.

        I’m joking. Sometimes we still resort to that to get a true smile. 😉

        Brittany will be graduating in just a few short months and will be making her way to the college of her choice. I was so lucky to have gotten to know her while she was my neighbor. She is super smart, part of the Environmental Club at school, and the most beautiful young lady. Also. She is really quiet. For 90% of the time I thought she was thinking I was insane. HA! I suppose I couldn’t blame her if she did. 🙂

        We still have a couple open slots to take on a few senior sessions this coming year yet. Don’t wait to contact us, because they do go fast!

        xoxo – Ash & Shan

        If you’re thinking about a session with us, please email or use the Let’s Chat link on top of the web page. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
        Fond du Lac WI Family Photographer
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