TO MENU

        We had been dreaming to do a couples session since before we got into our studio space last year. It was one of many goals we had for our business since the beginning of last year. We’ve implemented so many ideas since then, but still have so many more to make happen!

        We had these stunners for our very first couples photography session, and they did not disappoint. We had so much fun with these two lovebirds, and even though Gary wasn’t feeling exactly 100% healthy, they both still knocked it out of the park.

        They really didn’t know what to expect during their session and we didn’t 100% either since we hadn’t done one of these couples sessions before. We had all these ideas floating in our heads, and they were so chill and let us literally do and try anything and everything. Shannon did some of Erin’s makeup and Gary chilled out on the couch. It was a very laid back and easy going morning. We had lots of laughs together while listening to some tunes in the background. We had an absolute blast photographing this adorable duo and are so stinking excited to offer these to more couples in the future.

        There’s a video of their images at the bottom of the post as well, in case you like to watch videos more than look at images, but we highly recommend you check it out. So. Obsessed! <3