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        We are lifestyle family photographers based in Fond du Lac, WI. Our mission is to give families memories they can feel emotionally connected to for a lifetime. We strive to tell an unforgettable story which includes love, connection, emotion, and true personalities in all of our work.

        When you work with us, we hope you feel the warm and fuzzies, the love and laughter, the peace and serenity, and sometimes the chaos. We truly believe you and your family are perfect just the way they are. Trust us. Believe in us. And we will capture your families story just as you are, perfectly imperfect.


        I am married to my very best friend, Eric. Together, we have three beautiful chicklets that keep us very busy and on our toes. Jamo is without a doubt the oldest, and he rules the roost (or, he likes to think anyway), but he’s also my biggest snuggler. Lisey is the sweetest little thing and is genuinely always happy. She’s always doing what she can to make everyone smile in the house. Weston is the class clown and baby of the family. He’s sure to make all of us laugh, every.single.day. Those three little nuggets are a big reason why I love doing what I do. I don’t want to forget about the tiny moments they have once they’re past a certain stage. I want to remember how tiny their hands and toes once were. I love capturing the emotions and connections my children have with one another. It’s not everyday I can get them smiling and playing together nicely, and that’s ok. I love being able to capture images that show just who they are in that exact moment. Time flies by in an instant and I love having these treasured images to reflect on. I’m also big lover of morning coffee and sleep. I can nap like nobody’s business! More often than not, you’ll catch me hanging out with the fam or working at the computer. For fun, we love to go camping and our kids are involved with soccer so that consumes a lot of our summer. Yeh. I’m a soccer mom, complete with the minivan and all. I sure as heck did NOT see that one coming. Never say never folks! Never.Say.Never.


        I am so excited to have you here, reading about…well, me. I am so much more than some words on this screen so let’s see if I can paint you a picture. First up, my family. I am married to the most loving and supportive husband you could ever imagine. We tied the knot in July of 2011 and have enjoyed our crazy ride so far. His kind heart, giant personality, and loving soul is what brought me to him and has kept me attached to his side. Daryl is one of the most passionate elementary school teachers I know and am such a proud wife. We have three beautiful children that complete our little world. Audyn is our first born, our beautiful sensitive soul. Once you get to know her she has the most contagious silly personality and her big words will have you believing she is at least two to three years older than she really is. Rhett is our sports obsessed little guy. He doesn’t ever walk, anywhere. Always running and giggling. His smile will brighten an entire room, and his belly laugh will have everyone laughing with him. And last, our little man Lawson. Lawson is an old soul and the most serious of our three. He gives the best hugs, but never kisses. He loves his daddy most and is always ready to wrestle with his siblings. He is the sweetest little thing. My babies are three of the most spectacular beings on this earth.

        I am a lover of photography because of the ability it has to capture so much more than just an image. It sets my soul on fire. Along with photography and my family, music does that for me too. Sets my soul on fire. It is one of the only things that can completely change my mood. Most days you will find me jamming to Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, or Adele. I love coffee and diet coke. Even though I try really hard to not love diet coke. Popcorn completes me, along with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. I am passionate about self-love, women and girl empowerment, and dream of a world where love truly does conquer all.