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        As a photographer, I find myself scouring Facebook for new photographers in the area. I’m looking to find someone who inspires me. Someone who’s photos make me stop in my tracks, and the air catch in my throat. The first pictures I saw from Nikabella were just like that. I wasn’t even looking for photographers that day, but a Facebook friend of mine had used their services and posted a few pictures. They were simply gorgeous. I immediately tracked down their page and have followed their work ever since that day. Every picture I see evokes emotion, so when I was ready for my own family pictures I never once hesitated in my decision to reach out to Nikabella. Shannon and Ashley are an absolute dream to work with throughout the entire process. I felt at ease instantly with every conversation. The actual session was a blast, and I could have sat there chatting with them for hours afterwards. The pictures we received are some of my most treasured photographs. As a mom and a photographer, I spend most of the time behind the camera. To have these beautiful pictures of me snuggling with my babies is honestly priceless, and brings a tear to my eyes. Without a doubt, we will be reaching out to Nikabella for our future sessions.
        - ERICA

        Ashley and Shannon have been taking my family's photos for the last four years and we keep coming back. They are always accommodating to photo idea requests, yet super innovative when I leave the creativity up to them. You get such a variety in photo selections, which is another reason I love their work. They find the most beautiful backdrops for our pictures, whether it be indoor or outdoor settings. And if your kids aren't cooperating during a shoot? Being mothers themselves, they are there with fruit snacks and doing silly things to make them laugh. They truly go above and beyond to make the kids happy and comfortable, which makes for happy parents and candid photos.
        - MEREDITH

        I discovered Nikabella when I was looking for a newborn photographer for my second child, and I am so happy I found Ashley and Shannon. There’s always a bit of apprehension in hiring a photographer to trust to take your family photos however, the amount of comfort and ease I felt, it was as if we had been friends a long time! Their beautiful portfolio of work speaks for itself and I look forward to future shoots with them.
        - LINDSEY